electroconductive rubb
  fire retardant
  for lighting system
  for machinery
  Electrical safety edge
  Silicone Lamp
  thermal conductive
   Changzhou beginning Ya...
   Changzhou beginning Ya...

Changzhou Chuyang Rubber Co.,Ltd.
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CHANGZHOU CHUYANG RUBBER Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented enterprise with abundant talented professionals in the field of research and production.
With complete experimental and production equipments, we produce gaskets which are mainly used in lighting system and other areas . Gaskets are made from silicone rubber, EPDM, NBR and so on. Specially can make thermal conductive silicone product, antistatic silicone product, magnetic silicone product, electric conductive silicone product and fire retardant silicone product. We can make products according to your requirements with your drawing or sample, also we can design them for you. Our products are widely sold to European and American countries, Asian and African counties etc.
Surviving with high quality, developing with credibility and establishing brand with technology, we will be your faithful cooperator.
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